Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween Wreath

My friend Tara has motivated me to craft more lately. Last week we made a fall wreath together and this week we made Halloween wreaths. I am so happy with the way it turned out! Homemade crafts are just so much more meaningful and enjoyable.
Thanks to Tara for my beautiful bows and for just being here with me to craft with. It makes all the difference in the world crafting with a friend. Thanks for everything you have done for me Tara. You really have been such a great friend/ neighbor to me.
Happy Halloween to everyone...we put up all of our decorations today since I am going to be out of town for a week in October, I thought we could enjoy them a little bit early this year. Crew loves helping me put up decorations for every holiday. As we pull our decor out of the boxes he says, "Oh, mom...this is cute" to about everything I pull out. It is the sweetest thing. Once Crew found my witch hat from last year he put it on and then wanted to help me decide where everything should go. He was my little witch helper. I love Crew and am so grateful for his sweet little spirit he brings into our home. Since he has started preschool I can already tell such a difference in his attitude and the way he treats others, including myself. Crew is constantly making me laugh out loud to myself and always asks the cutest/funniest questions to me while we drive in the car. .I love this kid so much and am so grateful he was sent to me. (I love Hudson too...but he was sleeping while we did all this so that is why I am blabbing on about little Crew.)


  1. Hey Jenny!

    Please add me to your list! scmchick@gmail.com

  2. Did you make it. If so I want you to help me make one. I love it!!!

  3. SO cute and spooky! You are so talented! Don't forget to add us to your private blog. jenniebennion@gmail.com.

  4. cute! too bad i didn't get the crafty gene in our family

  5. Looks adorable! I'm so happy to have a craft buddy!