Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Crew!

In the morning Crew woke up to balloons filling his room and had a #5 pancake for breakfast and then it was present time.

the best pinata ever.

waiting in line for their turn at the pinata

I made Crew his Optimus Prime cake he wanted (after changing party themes like 8 times)

some of the fam

Can't get over how big this guy is getting!

Crew and most of his cute cousins at his party

Navy's first time to a park. She loved being outside and with all her family.
Our family of five.
Happy Birthday to the funniest little 5 year old I know. It seems like just yesterday I was a first time mommy to this little boy. Crew has such a sweet little spirit and is always keeping us on our toes. He is the most outgoing kid around and isn't afraid to ask another kid at the park if they will be his friend or isn't afraid to go up and ask for a refill on his soda. Crew has mastered his back flip on our trampoline and loves being the ring "leader." If you tell Crew something you better follow through because this little boy doesn't forget anything! He also has the best ears and can hear anything you say even if he is in the other room (just like his Dad.) Crew loves playing games and he especially loves arts and crafts and says that when he grows up he wants to be an artist. Shopping with Crew is so much fun because he'll pick everything out for me and ask me how cute it is. He definitely has a thing for style! I love you Crew. Hope you had a fabulous fifth birthday buddy.

Look who is 5...

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday (can't find the picture of you with your cake)
3rd Birthday
4th Birthday
5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Crew! Hope your day is extra special. We love you so much! 

Mom and Dad

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Navy's first bath

 The day that Navy's umbillical cord fell off we gave her a bath. She absolutley LOVED it! The minute I put her in she fell right asleep and just looked so peaceful. She even likes the water over her head. I think she must take after her mom and will enjoy many bubble baths for the years to come.

First photoshoot of our little lady

The Saturday after Navy was born some of my sisters and their families and my parents came over to our house to see sweet little Navy. Nicole and I decided to dress her up and do a mini photo shoot (even though we are nothing close to professional photographers). Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Navy's first week home

Hudson loves holding baby Navy

Crew is such a good big brother to his sister

Mimi and Papa with their 18th grandchild. Navy already knows how much these two love her.

Jane and Lyla are excited to have a new baby girl cousin

cute cousin Tate.

Uncle Jo-Jo caught Navy's first smile :)

Navy's first outing all dressed up for her doctor appointment

Navy is our little angel. We love having her around and she is the best little girl. She already is on a great schedule feeding every three hours and only wakes her mommy up once around 4am for a nightly feeding. I love the newborn stage and am trying to soak up every minute with her. She has already outgrown some of her outfits and at her first doctor appointment she weighed 6.11 lbs. Navy is truly a blessing for our little family.