Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My cute little man in his Easter Sunday best
He loved what the Easter Bunny brought him 
My two handsome boys
My Crew and I having a picnic at the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple
We had a fun time taking pictures with all the actors before the show...
Crew wasn't too sure about this guy...the guy said "hi" to Crew and Crew started screaming...

Wyatt practicing for what's in store for us...2 kiddos!
Wyatt and Bryten Nelson
Crew and Bryten waiting patiently for the show to start
He loved the pageant. I was in shock to see how amazed he was at everything from the angels to all the animals. He really enjoyed every minute of it. Crew even sat in his little chair I brought him for a good part of the show. We had such a fun night. Thanks for coming with us Brooke and Bryten! And Carli...if you are looking at this, I am so sad but the picture that lady took of all of us didn't turn out. I was so bummed...You did an amazing job though. It was so fun to see you!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crew's Top 2 Favorite things to do...

1. Playing outside... whether he's swimming, driving his car, playing at the park, feeding the ducks or just taking a walk he is always having a good time when he is outside!
2. Eating...Crew loves to eat and he will not eat unless he feeds himself as you can see in the pictures. He loves food so much and is such a great little eater!

Thanks for going to the pool with us Marcus, Jaime and Lyza. We had such a fun time seeing you!