Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread Houses with Mimi

This year we made our Gingerbread Houses with Mimi at the BeachHouse. Mimi was busy all day making fresh homemade gingerbread for all 11 grandkids that were going to be there to decorate. She also makes the best homemade icing! The boys loved decorating their very own houses and adding their own unique character. I loved seeing how different they all looked. We had a fun night decorating and started our Christmas off just right!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Crew and Hudson's Holiday Performance

This morning Wyatt and I were lucky enough to watch Crew and Hudson perform in their annual Holiday Performance at Sierra Madre School. They both were so cute to watch. Hope you enjoy this little video as much as we enjoyed it!
(Crew is on the left and Hudson is one person to the right of Crew)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Big 3-0!

Happy 30th Birthday to this handsome guy!

some 30 things we love about you:

1. Your sense of humor
2. Your love for your two biggest fans
3. Your Smile
4. How competitive you are
5. Motivated
6. How you are up for trying anything new 
7. You are willing to watch the kids whenever mommy needs a break
8. You will run errands with me and wait in the car with the boys
9. You put your family first in everything!
10. The love you have for your mother
11. How knowledgeable you are in the gospel 
12.Your dirty Mexican accent (I secretly think it's kind of sexy)
13. How you will watch all my favorite TV shows with me (I know you like them just as much as I do)
14. You love a good chick flick
15. How fast you can get over being upset
16. That you want to travel the world with me
17. That you want your boys to have opportunities you never had
18. When we can hear you honking down our street letting us all know that you're home
19. How hard you work at school knowing it's going to benefit our family
20. How your willing to admit when you made a mistake
21. You can get us into pretty much anywhere or into the front of the line (Six Flags, Disneyland)
22. The love you continually show me everyday.
23. What a great friend you are
24. How you care about fashion
25. Your an amazing salesman
26. You tell the kids the best stories
27. The most defensive driver (kind of scary sometimes)
28. That you notice when I get a new shirt
29.Crew likes "when you play football with him and he loves you" and "when he gives me hugs"
30. Hudson likes that "Daddy taught him how to ride his bike"

Happy Birthday Wyatt! We love you more and more each and everyday. Thanks for being the best example to our boys and the best husband to me. Hope your birthday is a good one you won't ever forget!