Monday, September 27, 2010

Brotherly Love

This morning as I was walking passed the boy's room, I looked in to find Crew and Hudson snuggled up together on the floor reading a book. These two boys love each other so much. Crew is always looking out for Hudson and asking him to play "pretend" with him. The other day I was just listening to them play and Crew says to Hudson, "Ok Hudson, you are going to be the mommy and I will be the daddy." And of course Hudson just agrees to anything Crew says. Although these two do fight some times, they really do have unconditional love for one another. I love the brotherly bond these little boys are creating now together and I hope they will be the best of friends forever.


  1. there is nothing better than seeing your kids interact that way together. is that because we see more fighting than love? ha ha.

  2. Darling! They look really into that book too! I bet they didn't even notice you snapping a pic!

  3. I love "you be the mommy and i'll be the daddy" :) Hudson will look up to Crew his whole life :) -Ash