Monday, February 20, 2012

My name is....what?

Untitled from jenny dannels on Vimeo.
After much debating, praying, and pondering we think our little girl fits this name best...Navy Estelle Dannels. We love you Navy!

Girls night

 Thursday night was by far one of my favorite girls nights out in a while. We started our night out at Wakano for some delicious sushi and then ended the night at Master Wong's for a much needed full body massage. The best part about the massage is that it's only $15 for an hour. We were all seriously in heaven and are now turning this little outing into a once a month thing. I can't wait for next month already! (sorry...iphone pics)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy LOVE Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Crew, Hudson and Navy

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sea World Weekend

Papa got the hot tub fixed at the Beach House and we have already got some great use out of it!

Wyatt has been wanting to rent a jet-ski and take Crew out on the Ocean so this weekend he made it happen. (You can barely see him in the middle of this pic)

Navy's first time at the Beach

Crew was in heaven...Komodo Dragons are one of his favorite animals!

Hudson was a little more hesitant at petting it

touching some sea creatures

Armadillo behind the glass

sharks. I think Hudson thought they could some how get out of their tank

Wyatt took the boys on the ride Atlantis and they loved it!

Crew and Daddy with Crew's newest obsession: tusks.

Enjoying the Shamu show (It's pretty lame now that the trainers can't get in the water with the whales)

The night we got back from Sea World we thought we'd all go hot tubbing (minus Hudson who stayed with the Mathis cousins) We got in and it wasn't hot at all so we decided to let Navy have her first hot tub experience since she LOVES water. She was in heaven!

We had such a great weekend with my parents at the beach house and spending the day at Sea World with just our little family. It was so nice to have Wyatt all to ourselves with no school distractions. Thanks to my parents for always letting us invade their quiet time ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our baby girl is 1 month

Our baby girl is 1 month. Navy is:

-sleeping through the night with only 1 feeding
-smiled at me today for the first time
-loves her mom
-has her dad and brothers wrapped around their finger
-loves baths and the sound of running water
-loves being swaddled

This first month with our little angel has gone by way too fast and has been a new learning adventure for all of us. We are getting our new routines down and I am getting used to having one extra little body to take care of. Life is busy and some days we never can sit down but we are loving it and wouldn't trade it for anything.We love you baby Navy and the sweet little spirit you brought to our family.