Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Family Shark Attack

June bug and Navy baby

Wyatt passed out all the candy to the kiddos...

Hudson and his girlfriend Sienna

Hudson. Ryker. Crew

the boys.

Whitney and Alex with Navy and I

my cute little mermaid

Sachia and Naves

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second time around...

Wyatt's wound hasn't been healing properly so at his follow up appointment this last Thursday his doctor recommended that he get another surgery to help with the healing process. He recommended that he get a debridement (cut the wound open and clean it out). So here we are again today at the hospital where my husbands life was changed forever for a second surgery for a debridement on his wound. They are having a plastic surgeon in the OR this time along with his Orthopedic surgeon. His surgery will last about an hour. Wyatt is really frustrated with this situation and just wants to get his temporary prosthetic so he can semi move on with his life. But now this is only another set back for him and will now make his prosthetic a little further away. He is getting more and more frustrated and gets jealous of people with two fully functioning feet. He calls it "foot envy."
This is such a hard time in our family's life and as we keep trying to move forward we just feel like everything is pushing us backwards. As hard as this is I know that our Heavenly Father is with us and would never give us anything we couldn't handle. I love you Wyatt. Families are Forever!

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Location:Cedars Sinai Hospital

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hudson's Shark Party

the spread. Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Sandwiches for the kids, snacks, salads and fru
Happy 4th Birthday Hudson!
the party favors

brother shark bait

Sienna shark bait

Sachia & Hazel shark bait

Wyatt surprised us all as he was climbing up the waterslide. Nothing is going to stop this guy!! That's why we love him!!

Amber & Olive

Lucas showing off his loot

family shark bait!

Ward Shark Bait

Yetter Shark Bait

Fergie Shark Bait

Mathis Shark bait

Day Shark Bait

Mimi Shark Bait

Cameron Shark Bait

Birthday Boy Shark Bait

Hudson is 4! Happy Birthday to our little man. We love how spunky, outgoing and fun-loving you are. You always keep us laughing and entertained. You are such a goof ball and we love it! Hope you enjoyed your Shark Party buddy! 

Weight: 44 lbs.
Height: 44 1/2"
Shoe Size: 13.5

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sachia's birthday dinner

All of us at Katsuya for Sachia's birthday

The Birthday Princess

fun times

my favorite girls.

Love this man with all my heart

For Sachia's birthday we went out to the Americana and ate at the best sushi restaurant called Katsuya. It's amazing! We always have so much fun being together. A night that definitely wont be forgotten!