Monday, July 30, 2007


Wyatt and I absolutely love SUSHI. As soon as we moved to Colorado we were in search of the best SUSHI spot. Wyatt found this place called, John Holly's, with his friend one day at lunch. Now at least twice a week we have to hit up this SUSHI joint to fulfill our craving. All of the employees love us and now since we are regulars they treat us extra special and cook us special new plates on the house and even call us by our names...We love John Holly's!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our trip to AZ!

I had to make a trip down to Arizona to find a place for us to live when we move back down there the end of August. Crew and I had so much fun hanging out with the Dannels and seeing some of our friends. We are so excited to come back to Arizona!
Thanks Nana for my new toy. I love it!!Papa & the "Cruiser"
Nana & Aunt Randee at Oreganos...our favorite!!
Uncle Shane & the Baby
Crew fell asleep reading the Costco Ad's...he was tired of running errands
Crew and his little girlfriend Lyza got to play for a little bit before we had to get on our plane to go back to Colorado...we are going to miss the Yetter family when they move to Ohio!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Congratulations Dallas & Jessica!

Well, it's official! Jessica and Dallas are getting married..When Dallas came to Granite Bay to visit our family, Dallas and Jess went down to San Fransisco to visit. They went and had dinner at the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay and Jessica was surprised with a card and flowers. Not thinking anything of it, after dinner Dallas took Jess down on the beach and proposed! How cute! We are all so excited for them and are happy to have Dallas in our family. They are getting married on September 22 in the Salt Lake Temple. We love you two and couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Family Sealing Day

My whole family...The Thompson Side
Wyatt's whole family...the Dannels sideJessica and Crew

Well, if you can believe it..Wyatt and I have been married a year on July 8. Crazy how fast time flies. On Wednesday, July 11 our family had the opportunity to be sealed together for time and all eternity in the beautiful Sacramento LDS Temple. It was such an amazing and neat experience. I will never ever forget this special day that we shared. We had such a fun week. Wyatt's whole family came to share this special day with us and my whole family was also there (except Ty and Jevin.) It was so neat to have almost all of our family here with us. During the week in Granite Bay we had so much fun. We had BBQ's every night, went out to Folsom Lake boating, wakeboarding, and wakeskating, went Swimming, played games and ate some amazing food (Thanks Mom!) We had such a great time and wish we lived closer to my family!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

My baby's first firework ever...a Sparkler!
Some of my friends: (from left) Erin Colby, Brittney Starnes and Erin Edgar
Cory and Kelsey cute!
Erin and Sam Edgar with my little boy
Daddy's little boy
We had such a fun 4th! While all of our husbands were busy at a hard day at work. We (some of the wives) laid out by the pool all day while we worked on our tan! We enjoyed laying out, swimming, eating little turkey sandwiches, and drinking homemade smoothies (compliments of Erin Colby). What a fun a relaxing day! After we had enough of the sun we decided to get all of the food, toys and BBQ together and hauled everything down to this big park. It's one of the best parks I have ever seen. It has just about everything fun you could possibly imagine. From basketball courts to softball fields to a playground to tennis courts and sand volleyball courts there was also tons of grass where we played: ultimate frisbee, football, bocce ball, and soccer. After we played our hearts out we enjoyed yummy hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soda, and watermelon. So good...thanks guys for the awesome BBQ! Then of course, it wouldn't be forth of July without some amazing FIREWORKS! We all loved the fireworks but Crew on the other hand didn't know what to think of them. He had mixed emotions. I think he liked them for the most part but he absoultely hated the loud, screaming, crackling ones. We didn't even get to finish our firework show because a Cop came and told us we can't do anymore in the park because it makes to much of a mess. Talk about ruining our fun...So we all packed up and decided to go to the movie and see License to Wed. It was fun being with everyone but the movie wasn't that great. I wouldn't recommend it...So Happy 4th of July Friends and Family!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our Newest Hobby

Wyatt and I have recently picked up a new hobby... Tennis! We love it and have also recruited some of our friends to join us. While Wyatt was working the other day I went to Wal-Mart and bought us some nice racquets for a whopping $12. I thought that was such a good deal for our first tennis racquets. We found some really nice tennis courts just down the street from our house that are kind of hidden down a path by the creek. They are really nice and we love them because they are so private. It feels so good to be actively doing something fun outside!!