Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I have been up to...

I am trying to keep myself busy out here while Wyatt is gone all day from 11am-10pm working. So I have decided to start making more of my burp cloths. I made some in Arizona but now thanks to my amazing mother, I received my own sewing machine for my birthday. I love it. I think I could sew all day long and not get bored of it. It's just so fun turning something so plain into something fancy. Let me know if anyone is interested and I would love to make some for you! The three above are just a few of the many I make. I will post more of them soon :) I am also working on making a hooter hider so I'll let you know how that turns out..

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

This Summer 5 girls are pregnant. Here are 4 out of the 5. We all were in Mimi Maternity and found this cute shirt and thought it be fun for a picture. All of us are due in October except Michelle who is due in July. It's so fun having all these prego friends!

This weekend I celebrated my 23rd Birthday. I had such a great birthday thanks to my wonderful husband. We went to the Zoo with our family and friends and then to dinner with just my hubby at Ruth's Chris. It was really nice just to spend some quality time with Wyatt and Crew this weekend. Ruth's Chris was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend the filet with Blue Cheese crumbles. It was the best steak I have ever had!! Thanks to Mike and Ashley for watching Crew for us...our date night was long overdue. On my actual birthday, I woke up to Crew bringing a card into me with Money for shopping and a pregnancy massage gift card. Then for lunch all the wives went and met our husbands for lunch at Chevy's and then were off to the mall for some shopping. Thanks so much to Wyatt and Crew. You guys are too good to me! And thanks to all my family and friends for the nice phone calls/texts who remembered my birthday. You are the best and made my birthday special!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun Friday Downtown

All the wives and kids got together today and we went downtown. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe and then walked to the Gateway Arch. It was a long walk but fun just chatting with all the girls. We were planning on going up in the arch but by the time we got there it was closed. Bummer but all in all it was a fun day. I am sure we will make a trip back there again soon to go to the top..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Butterfly House

Today Mallory, Crew and I went to The Butterfly House. It was such a neat experience. There were so many beautiful butterflies that I never even knew exsisted. Crew absolutely loved it, he was just cruising around the place looking everywhere for butterflies. But they keep it so humid in the Conservatory so towards the end I think we were all just ready for some fresh crisp air. We all had such a fun day. Thanks again Mallory for joining us!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graham Taylor Montgomery

We just wanted to Congratulate Wyatt's sister, Jessica and her family on there new adorable addition to the family. Graham was born on May 9 at 8:01pm. He is beautiful. All I have to say is Jessica is AMAZING! She didn't get to the hospital until 7:45 that night and had him 16 minutes later all natural just like her two other kids, they didn't even have time to get an IV in her! We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the Dannels side of the family in a few weeks. Congratulations Montgomery Family!!! We love and miss you guys!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Congratulations Babe!

I just wanted to make a little shout out to my amazing husband. He is such a dedicated and hard working man. Wyatt is now officially a graduate from Arizona State University. We are both so happy to be done with school. He even graduated with honors. Way to go babe! You never cease the amaze me. Wyatt also just took the Dental Admissions test before we left for St. Louis and scored so well! We are looking forward to applying to many different dental schools this next week and will be anxiously waiting to hear back from them. I l0ve you so much Wyatt and appreciate all of the hard work you continually do for our family. You are not only a great husband but also a phenomenal father to Crew. Thanks for all you do! We LOVE you!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We finally made it to our Summer Home...St. Louis

First off we want to thank my parents for all of their help within the last couple weeks. They drove our car 1500 miles from Mesa to St. Louis. What awesome parents I have! Then when Wyatt, Crew and I flew in on Tuesday, we arrived at our
new home for the summer and my parents had unpacked our whole entire car and organized my whole house. They had our bed made and everything already unpacked and put away. They even had some groceries in the fridge for us. I am so grateful for my parents and all that they continually do for our family. They are amazing. Thanks so much for everything you did for us Mom and Dad. You made me feel a little better about living in St. Louis for 4 months. We appreciate all you did for us and the words "thank you" just don't seem like quite enough. We love you guys and miss you already. Here are some pictures of some fun things we did while my parents were still here visiting. We Love you Mom and Dad Thompson!!