Saturday, April 13, 2013

A scare with our baby girl

poor navy just got her blood drawn at our following appt for her ear infections which ended up sending us to the hospital for a CT scan...

just a little versed to calm her from our neighbor who happens to be the chief Anesthesiologist at Kaiser Sunset

a little loopy before her CT
 After her CT scan we were transferred into the ER where the Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon would come and explain what exactly was going on and what needed to happen next....once he came he informed us that Navy had two abscesses. One just below her left ear and one in her throat partially blocking her airway. When I heard this I was scared to death! What if we never found this out? What could have happened to my baby? We quickly decided that surgery was our best option so not too long after the surgeon left they were wheeling Navy and I down to the OR. Everything was happening so fast to my little girl.
On our way to the OR

one last goodbye before my babies surgery
 After Surgery:
About an hour and a half after I told Navy bye, they called me back into the recovery room and this is how i saw my little angel. I was so thankful everything went well. Once she heard my voice, she popped right up and wanted to be held by her mama.

so sad for navy

we had to stay the night in the hospital and the morning when Navy woke up she was so swollen from all the anesthesia

my swollen little girl

Daddy & Hudson came to visit us that next morning. Navy was so happy to see her dadda.

I asked the nurses if Navy could get unhooked from all the cords for a little bit so she could walk around. She was in heaven!

Poor girl hadn't eaten for 24 hours. So this was heaven to her!!

loves from her brother
Navy is doing really well now but her abscess on her neck I continue to worry about. The last few days its looking more swollen and red. We have a follow up appointment with the ENT on Tuesday so I should have more answers then. Thank you everyone for your kind words, meals and being so willing to help our little family out. All of my family and friends amaze me more and more each day.