Friday, September 20, 2013

Open Gym!

Some friends invited us to open gym at USA Gymnastics and Hudson and Navy just loved it! They did just about everything here from rings, to jumping in foam pits, balance beams, bars and trampolines. They didn't want this day to end. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crew + Mommy Date

our view from our amazing seats

couldn't leave home without his glove

I love this boy of mine. Lucky to be his momma!

The 9th inning we moved down right by the dugout. Crew loved being so close to all the players and was SO into the game!
My friend Rachel gave us 2 tickets to the Diamondbacks game for Saturday night. Since Wyatt had to work Saturday and comes home exhausted I decided to take my little Crew on a date. We had such a good time together. Crew was so into the game, asking me questions about the players, their names, how old they were, etc. He wanted to know how old he has to be to play in the MLB. I think he's interested :) I kept asking Crew if he was ready to go and he never wanted to. He said he wanted to wait until it's "really over." We had a great night together and I think he thoroughly enjoyed his one on one time with his mom. I sure did! I love this boy and all the fun he brings to our family.

Goofy Golfing

Hudson getting free golf lessons from his dad

Naves was obsessed with all the Minnie Halloween decor out

Golfing with his new and improved prosthetic on. My Hero.

i feel lucky to be in their lives :)

{Goofy Golfers}

Wyatt has been wanting to take the boys "goofy golfing" for awhile now. So Friday night we finally made it happen. They all loved it, even Navy. I think I would have liked it better if it wasn't 108 degrees out and I wasn't dripping sweat. Joys of living in AZ.

Monsoon fun

After a crazy monsoon we had last week the park behind our house was filled with water. The boys thought it'd be fun to get their boogy boards out and have some fun. Soon enough other boys from our neighborhood were there enjoying some fun too. Have I told you how amazing our neighborhood is yet?? Seriously BOY heaven! There are so many kids, and most boys. Crew and Hudson love it! And there is always something going's amazing!

Ms. Navy

Vera is Navy's least she thinks so.

QT run after being good at the gym

Navy is obsessed with her big brothers. Especially Crew right now. Piggy Back rides are a daily request from Navy.

my little eater. she will eat about anything and everything. Eating a Reuben sandwich

I dared Wyatt to go into the Disney store with Navy and to not come out with out buying her something. FAILED!!!

Navy's new boyfriend, Brady. These two love each might be the cutest thing ever!

this girl! I can't get enough of her!!!
Navy Bean, Navy Naves, Old Navy, Sissy, Sassy Frass, Naves, Beans. This little girl stole all of our hearts. She honestly adds so much spunk into our family and we love it! 
Navy is now 20 months old and weighs about 27 lbs. 
She is getting more and more independent and talking so much lately. Today we were driving and she saw a school bus and said, "CREW!" I seriously died. She's already starting to semi potty train herself to. She's a smart one. Right when she wakes up she points down the stairs and says, "eat". She loves taking baths with her brothers and drying off with her bunny towel and then hops around the house like a bunny rabbit saying, "hop, hop, hop." Some of her favorite things to say are, d-ink (drink), sorry, plea-ase, swim, pool, park, walk, ME, one,  binky, blankie, minnie, baby, gentle, dadda, mimi, mommy, and almost all her cousins name and how could I forget her first word and favorite person...Sachia. 
Navy is obsessed with anything Minnie Mouse and anything super girly....dolls, makeup, jewelry, etc.
We love this little girl with all our hearts and couldn't imagine life without her. I find myself cracking up at least once a day at this silly girl and all the silly faces she makes. I love you Navy bean. You truly make our family happy.