Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm a BIG Boy!

The last couple of days I have been working on potty training Crew. He has been doing so well much to my surprise! I even took him out to Costco, Target and McDonald's yesterday and NO accidents! I hope he just keeps this up. I am not going to give up this time! We are going full force and aren't stopping until he is fully potty trained! Go Crew...I know you can do it! This morning Crew came up to me and said, "Mommy...I am BIG BOY Crew, I am NOT a baby anymore!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love this...

I am in love with this. I think I might just have to order one for each of my boys rooms. Find them here:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What are the Chances?

So today Wyatt let his little brother, Kyle, borrow our car, knowing I am not a fan of him driving it...and as I am getting ready this morning Wyatt's phone rings and it happens to be Kyle. And the first thing Wyatt says is..."Wait, Kyle...slow down...what happened?" Then I just knew that something happened while he was driving my car. And yes...Kyle is fine but my poor car is not! He had parked our car on the street and when he came back out to the car a huge branch from 50 ft. up fell on my car. The whole side of my car is going to have to be replaced along with the roof, hood, and windshield of my car. So goodbye to you Yukon and hello rental car for the next who knows how long...I am so upset about my poor car. Just thought I would share my awful day with all of you! And by they way...What are the chances??

Saturday, June 13, 2009

8 Months!

My little baby is already 8 months old! The other day my friend Angela was over with her little girls and all the kids were busy playing while we were chatting. Angela's little girl Bella came out of the room and said, "Jenny..I think you need to come and see what Hudson is doing." So I went into Crew's room to find Hudson eating away at all of the chocolate chip cookies that Crew and Bella were having a tea party with. He wanted in on the fun too. I don't blame him one bit. Here are some fun facts about little Hudson: He can finally say Mamamama. He still HATES baby food. He loves being outside. His big brother can make him laugh more than anyone. He loves to crawl everywhere...his crawl is more like an army crawl. He weighs 21 pounds which is the 67%. And he is 30 inches long which is in the 96%. We love Hudson so much. He brings so much happiness into our lives. I am so thankful we were blessed with such a beautiful, well behaved baby. Whenever I am not having the best day...this little guy sure knows how to cheer me up. We love you little Hud! Don't grow up too fast!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A trip to California with my boys

All BOYS...we need some more girls in this family!

Cute little Hudson just hanging out in the stroller

This is one of Crew's favorite animals...the Komodo Dragon

Luke thought he was a monkey at the zoo

Crew looks up to his cousin Trey so much.

Cute little Tate...he was cracking up in this picture.

The kids watching the Disney Pixar was so cute!

Papa and Crew watching the new Street Parade

Cousins playing at the park by the BeachHouse

Hudson loves being outside

We made all the kids race to see who was the was hilarious!

Poor little Jack always came in last but would try so hard. He ran with his tongue out too like he was exhausted.

Since there are so many boys in our family they all LOVE to wrestle!
The boys and I flew to California in search of a new place to call home for the next four years. We didn't have much luck but are still looking every single day. If you know of anything in the South Pasadena area..please let us know. Besides spending all of our time looking for a house we also went to the San Diego Zoo and Disneyland. We had a great time like always. We are counting down the days until we live in California. I am so excited to live so close to my family and so excited for my boys to live by all there best little cousins. Crew loves them so much and asks about them everyday. We are going to have a blast living down in southern California. And I know August will be here before we know it!