Friday, July 26, 2013

Cole's Farewell

Just Navy and I got to sneak away to San Ramone for my nephew, Cole's, farewell.

Navy & Norah finally reunited!

walking around in San Fran

Prettiest Mushrooms I have ever seen.

We spent a few hours just lounging at walking around The America Cup venues.

Chris made a new friend while we were there....a hobo.

sharing snacks

Almost all the cousins...missing Crew, Hudson and Lucy.

We're going to miss our Cole!!

On Saturday we went back into the city and my mom, dad and I decided to take the BART in. Tate and Max wanted to join us...

A yummy yummy burger spot found by Joe.

the kids loved China town. We had a little too much fun with the "poppers"

Cole's Farewell. His talk was amazing! This boy is going to one great missionary!! France is so Lucky!!!

these two are the cutest.

Navy with her boyfriend, Chris. She's a little obsessed.

We love you Cole!

We came outside and found my dad and brother standing EXACTLY alike. Like Father, like son.

Cole with his babies. These two are going to be the most different when he comes home.

Queen Navy.

Navy with her other favorite, Paige!
Navy and I were lucky enough to fly up to San Ramone, CA to attend my nephew Cole's farewell. It was so nice to have almost everyone together. I wish we all lived so much closer. 
We flew in on Friday morning and went straight into the city and met up with everyone else at Super Dooper for the best burgers. We then walked probably 6 miles and stopped at fun things all along the way. We probably spent about 2 hours at the America's Cup looking at the boats, demos and lounging on the outdoor love sacks. 

Saturday we went back into the city but this time my mom, dad, max, tate and navy and I took the BART in. It was so quick and easy. The kids loved it too! We first went and ate lunch at a little burger place Joe found which was AMAZING! Juiciest burger I've ever had! Then we spent about two hours in China Town. Rick was punking everyone with the "Poppers" for about three hours all throughout the city and we had some good laughs! 
Sunday was Cole's farewell. In the morning we helped Kelly get everything ready at their house for the luncheon that was following Cole's farewell at the church. Cole did such a great job on his talk and is going to be the best missionary that France, Lyon has ever seen. We already miss you a lot Cole!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wyatt just drove in from Texas and asked the boys to go swimming with him. They weren't swimming for 5 minutes and I hear, "Jenny...get out here now. HELP!" I ran outside to see blood literally everywhere and I started to panic. What just happened? I guess Crew was showing off for his Dad and did a back flip off of the waterfall and didn't jump out far enough so he gashed his head on the rocks. All of the blood made it look worse than it really was. Once we got the bleeding to stop we decided to take him in to our friend John who's a pediatric dentist. He gave Crew a little laughing gas, numbed him up and stitched him up. He did great and didn't even shed one tear. First stitches we've ever had, and I'm sure not our last...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer fun in AZ

We had a playdate with some new friends from church: Tate, Tanner and Ivie at the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center. The boys couldn't get enough of the waterslides!

One of my favorite things about living in Arizona are all the crazy monsoons! The kids think they're pretty cool too and love playing outside in the rain and puddles.

I took the boys on a "mommy-son date" to see Turbo while Papa stayed home with Navy. It was such a cute little movie.

Playdate with Stetson and Reddick. Navy was in LOVE!

Silly Navy!

We met Tate, Tanner & Ivie at the movies to see The Croods and played a little after!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Move to Arizona

the amazing view of the Gilbert Temple from our front yard
Our new home.

We moved to Arizona on July 5th after we stayed at the Beach House for a week. Wyatt was out selling alarms in Texas while me and the boys packed up our whole house and moved almost everything into our pods. I had to get over to Arizona to get the boys registered for school and to find a house for us to move into. For about 3 weeks we stayed at Wyatt's parents house until we found something that was just right for our family.
 I finally stumbled upon honestly "the perfect house" for us. It has a pool, 5 bedrooms and a huge loft for all the kids toys and they even have their own TV with their Wii hooked up. It couldn't have worked out any better. Our landlord is amazing...LDS and so accommodating! Did I mention our house is BRAND NEW? I finally got the kids registered and am finally starting to feel like we have some sort of routine again. YAY!!!