Monday, February 28, 2011

Wyatt's little twin.

I came across this picture of Wyatt a few weeks ago and I think that Crew looks just like him. Crew even thinks it's himself...what do you think?
Today, after Crew got ready for school, I found him in the kitchen packing his own lunch for school. Normally they just feed him his lunch there but today he insisted on bringing his own lunch box. He packed grapes, blueberries, string cheese, apple juice and asked me to make him a PB&J. This boy is getting so BIG and so independent now that he is 4. His famous phrase these days, "I am 4, so I can do it all by myself."

Friday, February 25, 2011


I am so proud of my little Hudson for being potty trained! My baby is turning into such a big boy these days. Hudson is only 2 years and 4 months old and he started potty training himself a couple weeks ago. For the most part he has done a pretty good job and I can't complain. It has been so nice not changing ANY diapers! But seriously...where did my baby go?

Here are some {Hudson} facts:

-He loves sweets {anything and everything with sugar he will eat it}
-He loves playing with his big brother and will do almost anything he says
-He wakes up every morning and walks in my room and says, "I'm hungry Mom."
-He would eat pancakes for every meal if I let him.
-He is the sweetest little boy and always knows just when his mommy needs a hug or kiss.
-He loves giving his mom and dad kisses just for fun
-His favorite movies are Finding Nemo, CARS and Monsters Inc.
-His favorite ride at Disneyland is Monsters Inc.
-He calls his brother "Crewt"
-He adds "t's" to the end of almost anything he says
-He loves his cousins and gets SOOO excited when he sees them
-He loves Ninja turtles just as much as his brother
-He is the best eater {will eat almost anything and will eat all of what's on his plate}

-He loves reading books
-He is almost as BIG as his brother. Crew weighs 35 lbs. and Hudson weighs 32 lbs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dental wives trip to Corona Del Mar

We started the night out at dinner in Pasadena at P.F. Chang's
Hailey brought her Xbox Kinect "dance central" game which we did pretty much the whole night
Lindsay P, Sarah, Me, Erica and Emily
Veronica, Sarah, Kate, Me, Lindsay D, and Stacy watching the others girls dance the night away
Getting ready to head down to the Beach
Cute prego Ashley and I
Some of the girls before our morning run
The whole group of girls...18 girls in a 4 bedroom house! We made it work and all had a blast!
enjoying our time laying out with out all of our kids

My friend Lindsay invited a big group of the dental wives down to her parent's beautiful beachhouse in Corona Del Mar for a night. We started the night of at P.F. Chang's for dinner and then all piled in a few cars and drove down to the house. We stayed up until 4 am playing games, eating, drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, talking and dancing to the Xbox Kinect. Saturday morning most of us went on a run, hit up the beach and got pedicures. I had such a great time and a much needed break from my boys. I am so thankful to live so close to so many of these wonderful girls. Thank you so much Lindsay for such a fun weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

getting dirty

These 2 boys love playing in the backyard together and always seem to come up with a new little adventure. Today their adventure was making little piles of dirt all over the concrete. (not my favorite one they have done but I am glad they were just having fun together)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Disneyland with the Mechams

Papa D this picture is for you...Crew was playing his "saxophone" to the song at the end of the Finding Nemo ride.

Randee, Beegh, Sharlie and Cole came to visit us this last week. We had such a great time having them at our house. The kids all played so well together and loved being with their cousins. While they were here we had to of course hit up Disneyland, the zoo and take them to some of our favorite restaurants to try. {Oinkster, Roscoe's, & Burrito Express}

Thanks so much for coming Mecham's! We had a blast!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crew's big day of turning "4"

Our tradition: Number Pancakes on your big day!
Crew wanted a "dinosaur" birthday
For lunch Crew wanted English Muffins Pizza's
love these brothers.
Hudson climbing up to the big slide
Jane, Crew and Max at Jumpin' Jammin for Crew's big day
Daddy and Crew shooting Joe Joe with the balls
Some of my favorite boys.
Crew and Janie Girl
Crew was obsessed with his present from his cousins Jane, Jack and Lyla
Crew's adorable best friend Scarlet
Mommy and Crew on his special day

Some of Crew's cousins/friends at Jumpin' Jammin
We ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory and Crew thought it was so cool that they sang to him.
Dinosaur Cake by me (worst cake I have ever made)

Thanks Max and Tate for my dinosaur playdough! I love it.
Huddie picked these legos out for Crew
Dinosaur Tattoos for everyone!

Crew had such an eventful birthday...He started the day off with pancakes, played with some of his new toys, had his favorite english muffin pizzas for lunch and then we headed to jumpin' jammin for some fun with his cousins and friends. After Jumpin' Jammin we went to The Cheesecake Factory and had a yummy dinner, then it was back to our place for cake and ice cream. Crew felt so special and loved his 4th birthday. He was sad to go to bed because tomorrow it wasn't going to be his birthday anymore. The boys birthdays are getting more and more fun every year.