Thursday, May 20, 2010

Palm Springs Mom & Kids Trip

All the kiddos....Hudson, Crew, Kooper and Sienna

My little Huddy.

Kooper and Crew love each other so much!

My boys and I soaking up the sun

All ready for bed

Crew loves showing off his swimming skills...

We fed the ducks lots and lots of bread

Loving bath time with friends and lots of bubbles!

All the kids were playing at the park and then Kristie found Crew over by the lake doing this....hilarious! (I swear I didn't teach him that!)

Loving the Splash Pad

My friend Kristie invited me and Sachia to have a little "get-away" for a couple of days. We had so much fun and lived in our swim suits all day every day. The kids had a blast with eachother and were so good! Thanks Kristie! We are going to make this a yearly trip weather you like it or not!! ;) I am going to miss having you and Kooper around! Good luck where ever you guys end up!


  1. We are going to Palm Springs next Wed-Sat. I Hope we have as much fun as you!

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