Thursday, August 22, 2013


Cousins reunited!

Birthday celebration for Nicole at FROST

I really really miss living close to them :(

I'm glad I get to live seriously 3 streets away from Sarah

Out for our Saturday without kids...LAST CHANCE??? Yes please!

A trip to AZ wouldn't be complete without Bahama Bucks!

We loved having my mom, Nicole, Tori and Joe out visiting us in Arizona. My mom and sisters helped me with a lot of projects I wanted to get done with my house, we did A LOT of shopping and just hanging out with the kids. All of the kids were just so content with staying home and playing with each other since they hadn't seen each other in awhile. We really miss living close to all our cousins. Crew and Hudson both have said to me that they love living in Arizona but they just wish they lived by their cousins. These kids truly are the best of friends and I love that! They are all going to have such a special relationship since all my sisters and I are so close. Please come visit again soon!!

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