Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hudson's first day of Preschool

Navy didn't want to be left out ;)

Every photo shoot with Hudson has to include silly faces

This is Hudson's third year of Preschool. Since he doesn't turn 5 until October he missed the cut off for Kindergarten. I am totally fine with this because I honestly don't want my boys to grow up. Hudson goes to preschool at a lady in our wards home who is fabulous!! Hudson absolutely adores her and wishes his school was everyday. There are 13 kids in his class and 9 of them are boys. He's already set up many play dates with his new friends and his teacher even told me that "he's one of her favorites". What a good feeling it is to know your child is loved almost as much as you at school. Yay for Miss Becky's Preschool!

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