Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Crew and Hudson got the Wii they've been wanting!

beyond thrilled to get Skylanders!

Santa brought them both Remote Control Cars

Santa brought Navy her first dolly.

organized chaos

love this pic of Crew playing Skylanders in daddy's wheelchair

Mimi with her two baby girls.

We got Tate a mini Gus-Gus bc we always say he looks and talks like him! ;)

Cody & Chris loving on their Navy

Lyla got this cute stroller for Christmas and Navy and Norah loved it!

Tate thinks his Uncle Wyatt is the coolest and loved trying on his new "robot foot"

Nothing better than an oceanview Christmas Sunset with my honey

Jack and Crew stache

presents for all the grandkids from Mimi and Papa

My mom made each one of them the cutest blankets. They were all in blanket heaven!

Navy had enough of the chaos

the aftermath...

Paige and Navy.

an attempt at a photo with all the cousins and their new blankets

showing off their adorable new blankies

Sibling Christmas photo

Crew got BeyBlades from Max!!
Christmas Eve night after all the festivities at the Fergie's house we decided to drive home to Pasadena so we could spend Christmas morning with just our own family. It was so nice just taking our time and enjoying each new present we opened. We set the boys new Wii up and they played their new Skylanders. It was heaven if you asked me. We had yummy oven pancakes for breakfast, slowly got ready and then we headed down to the BeachHouse for Christmas dinner with my family. We took photos with the fun Christmas backdrop, the kids all showed off their new Christmas presents, we ate a yummy Prime Rib and Ham dinner, exchanged more presents and partied the day away. We had a Merry Christmas and hope you did too!

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