Saturday, December 1, 2012

the dannels visit

first stop...the Americana to get a picture with SANTA!

Cortney getting her first massage at Master Wong's

They loved their $15 hour massage!

After our massages we went to "LOVE to GO" and got a hong kong style waffle and yummy Pineapple drink.

On Saturday we went to Universal Studios

Every time at Universal Crew has to get a picture with JAWS

the unexpected happened....

the bathroom where Wyatt took his fall

The Dannels came into town and we went down to the fashion district and went to the Ella Moss/Splendid Sample sale and also went to Universal Studios on Saturday. We were having a great time walking on all the rides. While all of us but Wyatt, Cortney and the babies were on Jurassic Park Wyatt went to use the restroom and since it was sprinkling and there were no mats in the bathroom Wyatt's crutches slipped out from under him and he took a really bad fall. As we were getting off the ride Cortney ran up to me letting me know that Wyatt fell and was in the first aid office. I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that after all he has been through and he was suppose to get his temporary prosthetic this next week. When I saw him he was in soooo much pain and really out of it since he hit his head and blacked out as well. Wyatt and I went home so he could rest and we could talk to his doctors to see what we needed to do. Luckily the bone wasn't through the skin, there was just a lot of bruising, swelling and a little laceration. Wyatt is going in for an MRI and x-ray to make sure everything is ok.

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