Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Arizona New Years

Hudson=Asian driving in CA

Kyle and Hudson went to go pick up Pizza one night and were gone forever...they came home with 4 stuffed animals from the game they were planning. You should have heard them celebrate when they walked in the door...lol

Josh and Wyatt with their impulsive buys...(Brooke and I made them return them bc we hated them)

Hud and Crew in the "snow" (aka...Kevin from Home Alone)


Papa and the Navy Beans in the freezing cold weather

a lot of the cousins on the Dannels side

get together at the Gillespie's house...all the kids!

Wyatt getting his Filiberto's fix! AZ Burrito no Pico

Navy's little helpers...

Long overdue lunch at Zupa's with Tara and Jess

Weston & Crew having a dance party!

New Years Eve Bonfire

Hudson & Graham (can you believe Graham is 5 months older than Hudson?)

S'more time!

Kari, Rachel and I at the Mack's annual New Years Eve party

Wyatt found Rachel's massage chair...

We snuck over to the Heap's house to say hello to some friends and we had our New Years Eve kiss

Last Stop before we leave AZ...Oreganos's with Brooke and Josh

We had such a blast in AZ for New Years. We caught up with a lot of our old friends, ate at all our favorite AZ musts and hung out with family. Thanks to everyone for making our trip amazing!!

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