Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Norah & Navy

All the grandkids making their Gingerbread Houses.

Hudson was super into decorating his house. Papa helped him and he loved it!

Cute Lyla & Lucy decorating

Crew's finished product

Mimi getting all the grandkids ready for our annual live Nativity

Max=Donkey - Crew=Camel

Watching our lip sync videos...Mom and Dads was hilarious!

All the cute kiddos in our Nativity

Crew loving on little Ollie

Navy being Navy

Getting ready for the gift exchange
We had such a great Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve at the Fergie's house in San Clemente and had "mexican" as our food theme. I made homemade mini chimis and jalapeno cream chesse which everyone loved! After dinner we read some of the Nativity and watched as all the kids were dressed up just perfectly thanks to Mimi! We then watched all of our lip sync videos which were hilarious and ended the night with our gift exchange. I felt extra lucky this year since our babysitter, Kylee, offered to come down with us for a few days and help out with Wyatt and the kids. She seriously was the biggest lifesaver. I wish she didn't have to go back to Idaho for college. We miss you already Kylee!

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