Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 All of the cousins did a potato sack race
 Yay!! Crew won the potato sack race!!
 after the Easter egg hunt at the Fergie's
 Crew's "horse" face painting
 Priceless. Cousin love.
 Easter Bunny at Pines Park
 dyeing Easter eggs at the BeachHouse

 Easter morning.

For the second half of Wyatt's spring break we spent it down in Dana Point at my parent's BeachHouse. Every year the park across the street from their home does a huge Easter egg hunt. So we woke up Saturday morning and watch them get everything set up. They have a petting zoo, face painting, potato sack races and the best egg hunt ever. (King size candy bars) On Easter we went over to the Fergie's house for a yummy dinner and another egg hunt with the cousins.

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  1. finally! i've been waiting to see pictures of your long break...the picture of crew holding up the nerds is the cutest! such a handsome little man. now your next trip needs to be to UTAH!