Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls Weekend

Thanks to Lindsay for a fabulous girls weekend in Newport. We had such a great time talking, eating and shopping with out all of our kiddos. We started the night off at Cafe Rio, then to the Spectrum for some goofing around and then talking back at the house until 5am! The next morning we walked to PCH, grabbed some breakfast and got pedicures. We then went on a walk along the beach where there was some more goofing around. For the evening we decided to head back up to LA for dinner at Apple Pan for some yummy burgers. Thank you Wyatt (& Mimi & Papa) for watching the boys. Girls weekends are a must! And thanks to all you girls...I had so much fun with everyone of you!


  1. Hey Jenny! Thank you so much for all the cruise advice. It really prepared us for what to bring, expect, etc. We had a great time and can't wait to go again. Thanks again for being so helpful!

  2. looks like fun!! i love girls definitely is a must!

  3. How fun! Girls weekends are the best! A much needed break away from the kiddos i'm sure. We miss you & hopefully get to soon you very soon!