Sunday, May 13, 2007

We love our Moms!

Happy Mother's Day!

We are so thankful for our wonderful mothers and all that they have and still do for our family. We would be lost without you. Thanks for everything. We love you.
On this special Mother's Day we were also fortunate to talk with Elder Dannels over the phone. He is currently serving in the Vera Cruz, Mexico mission. He is doing an amazing job and Wyatt says his Spanish is really good.


  1. Cute pictures. How fun that you got to talk to your brother. Thats awesome. Hope you guys are having fun!

  2. Thanks I had a great mothers day. Jenny I hope you did too.

  3. Your one sweet daughter Jenny. What a great Mommy you are. I Love You

  4. Hi, I know we don't know eachother, BUT I was blog hopping and came across yours and I love your background and was wondering if you could tell me how and where you got it?