Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun times in CO

Isn't he adorable?

Jase and Crew at The Cheesecake Factory...Crew loves his Uncle Jase!

Crew and O'Ryan hanging out..can you believe that Crew is a month older?

Uncle Jared adores little Crewbug. Hopefully soon him and Jess will have a little one of their own: )

Crew loves taking baths. If he is ever sad we just put him in the bathtub and he is back to his normal fun little self.


  1. Oh Jase is trying to steal the uncle role away from Beegh huh! haha just kidding its nice to see Crew surrounded by people that love him!

  2. Cutest little boy ever! I can't wait to see him again soon (Memorial Day)!!! Jack can't wait to meet his little cousin too. Love ya & miss ya...

  3. What up guys! Is it really that cool up there in Colorado?? If so when can we come visit?!?! Everything is cool down here. We are just getting ready for the big move in a few weeks... (packing sucks!! or so says my wife because she has done about 90% of ours) Dude we needed you on our M-Cats team... We lost in the Semi's last week. I ran into Marcus Yetter I didn't realize he was moving to Ohio too. Keep posting the pics we love keeping up to speed with the Dannels Family adventure.
    Peace out
    Langdon & Heather (but mostly Langdon cuz I was the one writing)

  4. Crew is getting so big. Can't wait to snuggle with him on the 22nd.

  5. Crew is so cute, we are blessed to have such beautiful grand children. We love and miss you guys, we will see you in July. Thanks Wyatt for helping Kyle with His Rs in Spanish.I can only leave you with one thought.
    GO SUNS.Love Papa "Kid" Dannels