Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday fun.

We now start our Saturday mornings off with the boys Basketball games

Shrimp Macadamia Nut Roll at Houston's

Had to get some Dots cupcakes with Whitney and Sachia while we waited for our table

feel so blessed with great friends
Our Saturday mornings now start out with going to our boys basketball games. They are so much fun to watch even though it's complete chaos at times. Crew and Hudson totally keep their team together. I guess their daddy taught them well.
That night we went out to Houston's for dinner with the Willis' and the Cameron's. So yummy! We also walked over to Dot's cupcakes to bring some home to our families while we were waiting. I may have snuck a mini one before dinner as a little appetizer. After a yummy dinner we went to see Zero Dark Thirty with the Willis'. It was amazing!

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