Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Birthday

checking out the beautiful view at Strands

dreaming of owning a house here one day. just maybe.

seriously in love with this little munchkin

Birthday dinner at Javier's in Newport

Celebrating mine, Lisa and my Mom's birthdays. They are all in the same week

Birthday Girls. 26th. 23rd. 25th.

boys being boys

love all my sisters and my mom. i think i have the best family ever.

our little sidekick. Thanks for watching the boys Cody.

We ended the night with yummy Sprinkles cupcakes. I still think Dots are way better!

The night before my birthday I was up until 5 since sweet little Porter was born. And of course my boys woke me up at 9am to wish me a happy birthday. So I was running on 4 hours of sleep the day of my birthday so we sort of just hung low, went to lunch at my favorite baja fish taco, visited Tori and Porter at the hospital, checked out Strands in Dana Point and finished the night with dinner at Javier's and Sprinkles cupcakes. I think the best birthday present was that my sister Lisa took Crew and Hudson down to San Diego with her so they could watch her son Cody in his basketball game. It was so nice and relaxing just to have Navy the whole day. Thanks again Lisa!


  1. Yeah we stayed across the street in the condos. If you want to buy one of those you're gonna need about 12 million.... for the lot. If you want to add a house on top of it you're gonna need to add 12-15 million to the budget. - Josh

    Brooke said navy looks so cute and she's getting so big.

  2. You have the cutest family and I love your new nephews name, so cute! I'm glad you had such a fun birthday. You look gorgeous in all your pictures! Let's get together soon