Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Fun visit...

So excited to be at Disneyland...again!

It's always fun when Nana and Papa come!

Houston's for dinner. Yum yum!

love how chubby this little girl is getting!!

Nana made this adorable capes for the boys. They love them!

Nana and Papa had a few days off from work so they decided to come over to California and pay our family a visit. We love having them. They took the boys to Disneyland on Friday, took the boys to see the Pirates of Misfits on Saturday, went down to the fabric district (Mabel's must-stop), watched the boys t-ball game and we had some yummy bbq thanks to Wyatt. The kids were non stop spoiled by their grandparents and loved every minute of it. Thanks for everything!

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