Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dinner with friends

I even got to see my adorable nephew Cole who was staying in Pasadena for the night for one of his classes. Love this boy!

On Saturday night we celebrated Chelsey's birthday. Chelsey, Whitney and Ashley and I all went to AKA Bistro in Pasadena and then to Fair Oaks Pharmacy for milkshakes. We tried getting into "The Lucky One" at Archlight but since the movie started just 10 min ago they wouldn't sell us tickets. Whitney talked to the manager about it and still "NO." Hopefully her email to them will get us some free movie tickets?! It was another fun night with great girlfriends! Happy Birthday Chelsey!!


  1. hahah I love that you put I talked to the manager....I will have to forward you the email I got from them

  2. It was so much fun being with you!! Thanks so much for getting a babysitter and everything. I hope you'll come down to Santa Monica soon!!