Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break Part 1. Oakland Zoo

Chris, Carsyn, Hudson and Crew. fun cousins.

Chris reminds me just of my brother, they can never take a serious picture...love him!

Kelly was sweet enough to pull Chris & Carsyn out of school early so they could join us at the zoo :)

this little guy was staring right at us for awhile

loved all the blossoming trees

the fruit bats were the most interesting little things to me...their wings were huge!

Navy was spoiled by all her cousins

Hudson found Chris' fake glasses

my brother and his wife meeting Navy for the first time. love them and wish we lived closer!!
Crew and Hudson's Spring break was the week before Wyatt has his spring break so I decided to brave it and drive up to northern California on my own with all three kids. The drive went great and we only had to stop one time. Not bad! We drove to Rick and Kelly's house first in San Ramon and spent two days with them.

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