Friday, April 20, 2012

Austin, TX

Navy's first flight to Texas and she was an angel. Slept the entire way!

Our first stop after picking up our rental car of course had to be BBQ so we yelped a highly rated place called Johnny T's BBQ and it did not disappoint! Wyatt loves his BBQ!

Brittney took us to Round Rock Donuts and they were AMAZING! They were so fresh they were HOT.

On Saturday night we went downtown Austin and Brittney and Justin took us to Torchy's Tacos for dinner. Great Tex-Mex!

Brittney & Justin ( I don't think I have a serious picture of JP)

We love the Porter's and miss living so close to them

Wyatt and his brother Kyle (who is selling in Texas for the summer) so we got to hang out with him as well.

Navy loved Brittney and her girls

Torchy's chips, salsa and queso were too die for. My mouth is watering as I'm writing this.
After dinner we decided to check out 6th St. downtown. So we walked around looking for a yummy dessert place and then ended up in a comedy club. Most of the jokes from the comediens were about me bringing Navy :)

At Salt Lick BBQ

Mighty Fine had the coolest handwashing station. My hands felt so clean after. Every bathroom needs these!

Britt and Erica took me to Gigi's cupcakes. They were pretty and good but still Dots are my most favorite cupcakes!

Madasin was such a great helper with Navy. Every time she had her Navy passed out. Thanks Madasin. I miss you already. Now you need to convince your mom into flying you out to stay with us ;)

And last but not least...Matthew McConaughey!!! My dad asked me to go into this famous bike shop called Mellow Johnny's in downtown Austin to get him a shirt so I had some time to kill before my flight left to come back home so I ran in not thinking anything like this would ever happen. I was just looking around and noticed a grungy looking guy in a wife beater kind of looking at me. I ignored it and kept walking around the shop and then when I went up to the cash register he was standing beside me. That's when I knew it was Matthew McConaughey. I second guessed myself a little and coudn't stop staring and then it was official when I heard his voice. I was in awe at this point and just made a little chit chat with him and the cashier and then left the store. I thought to myself.."What an idiot! Why did I not ask him for a picture?" I ran out to my car and called my parents to thank my dad for sending me to that store. My mom convinced me to go back inside and ask him for a picture. So I did! I ran back inside grabbed another shirt (for Wyatt I guess) and went to the cashier once more. Matthew was then almost done purchasing his pink balance bike for his daughter and as he was walking away I grabbed his {big, sexy} arm and asked if he wouldn't mind if I got a picture with him. He obviously said YES. I still can't believe this happened. Matthew always has been my biggest celebrity crush! He is just as much as a babe in real life!

We flew out to Austin for Wyatt's break from school so we could spend some time with our friends, the Porters and to check out the area to see if maybe we could see our family living there. We had a great time trying new yummy restaurants, hanging out at the Porters, playing games,  shopping, looking at houses and just hung out. We had a great time and loved Austin! It was a nice little vacation for us and we enjoyed our time with just Navy. (Thanks Nicole and Tori for watching the boys.) Thanks so much Brittney for everything! We loved staying with you guys and wish you lived closer. I already miss you like crazy!! Love you lots! XOXO

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  1. I love Austin! Allen's sister lives there, and I have a couple of old college roommates who grew up close to there. They all loved it. And the Salt Lick. I could drink that sauce. Apparently they sell the sauce at the costco (or maybe it's a grocery store?) down there, so I have her pick me up some every time we see each other.

    And, I am so jealous you saw MM. Huge crush.

    Glad you guys had fun!