Monday, October 29, 2007

One month.. two months...NINE MONTHS ALREADY!!!

A bug a bug a bug
My Crew bugs loves to give hugs
Small as a bug but cute as a button
He has sewn his love onto me
Wishing that I could hold my little man forever
Makes him grow even faster
An inch today, two inches tomorrow
Soon he will be bigger then me
I guess that is the plan
He will grow into a man
And raise his own family
I just want time to delay
Giving us a chance to play
Because soon enough
He won’t be my bug
But a father just like me.

Everyone with kids has to feel the same way, they just keep getting bigger and there is no stopping them. Crew turned 9 months today and it made me sad that time flies by this fast.


  1. Okay, that poem is the cutest thing I've heard! It makes me wish Ryan wrote that about one of ours. :) Your family picture is just adorable too!

  2. It was so fun running into you guys. I am serious about the raquet ball tournament too. When would you guys want to do it? Would you mind coming down here to the club on power? That way we can talk the whole gang into coming.

  3. hey! i ran across your blog again today!! cute house, congratulations thats HUGE! Are you guys selling again?

  4. You can't beat the Boudin's soup in a bread bowl! It's amazing! I love all your cute pictures, and it's always fun to see what you're up to. I can't believe how big Crew is! And P.S. - your house is adorable. I love the texture of your bedspread and cute kitchen table.

  5. What a stud. They do grow up so dang fast! So when are we going to hang out! We need to get Crew and Kash together!

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  7. Love the poem, I'd say it's one of Wyatts best. Another hidden talent of a family member that Beegh never knew!

  8. cute poem, did you make that up?? hey you didn't put any pictures up from the pumpkin patch!