Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lucille's BBQ

FHE at Lucille's BBQCrew's new favorite hobby...driving Cars!
Smiley Boy

Loving the Biscuits
More Biscuits Please...


  1. He is starting to look sooo old! What happened to our babies? And where did you get that high chair cover, all of the ones I have seen are cheesy!

  2. Jenny! I miss you guys too. And we were actually in Jackson Hole when you left the message about being in town for your sister's wedding- i meant to call you back but my phone died that night and I forgot to pack my charger. (of course) but Shane was so sad because he loves your family soooo much, he really does and he knew it was perfect timing to see them all and an opportunity like that probably won't happen again. Oh seriously I miss you! I check you blog all the time; it makes me feel closer to whats going on in your life :)By the way you're gorgeous, Wyatt's pretty damn cute, and I want to squeeze your Crew bug! .......You guys are lookin good

  3. oh my goodness i cant believe how big Crew is!! he is like a little man!!!! i miss him.... your new house looks fun, i do love the new couches. good pick!!!

  4. i love his little room! i wish tha we could have got that chair for you, what a weird thing that it could not fit out the door!!?? where's lucilles BBQ?? lets go to this pumpkin patch in queen creek this monday for FHE, it has a corn maze, a pumpkin patch and some other fun things there!