Sunday, March 24, 2013

A visit up the Central California Coast

 Wyatt had a six week externship in San Luis Obispo so we planned to go up one weekend to spend some time with him and to visit the gorgeous California central coast. We left Thursday afternoon and  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the gorgeous views while on my way to SLO. Turn and turn I would make I swear they got prettier and prettier. We got into SLO about 4pm and stopped to see where Wyatt had been working the last few weeks. We were off to the local farmers market for dinner and yummy treats and street performers.
 Friday morning we headed up the coast towards Hearst Castle and stopped through Cambria and Morro Bay along the way. We also went to Elephant Seal beach where we saw hundreds of seals sleeping on the sand. Saturday we did more sight seeing...we spent most of the day at Pismo Beach. We started the morning off by going to Old West Cinnamon Rolls which were divine. We took the kids to the beach to play on the swings and then decided to get our suits on and enjoy the weather. Friday night we got take out pizza and took the kids to their first drive in movie to see The Crood's. They loved the whole concept!

the view from Hearst Castle...breathtaking!

Hearst's Dining Hall

Hearst's theater room

His pool was insane! The boys wanted to swim in it so badly!

This is Hearst's indoor pool. All of the gold you see is 14K gold. It was beautiful!

Morro Bay

just waitin' for their fish n chips

Navy was entertained by chasing the nasty pigeons around

she loved the shrimp!

Crew just had to order his shrimp and crab bowl. This kid loves seafood!

We ate at Giovanni's Fish & Chips for our first stop in Morro Bay.

In Morro Bay there was this cheesy aquarium where you could pay .50 to feed to seals...the boys loved this!

Crew & I were determined to find some starfish so we spent a good 20-30 minutes looking for these guys. Crew was beyond excited when we pulled them off the rock. He almost you taken out by a wave too bc the tide was starting to come in.

Wyatt made the boys race to see who is fastest. Crew wins!

Pismo Beach

these three thought staying in a hotel was the greatest thing!


SLO Farmers Market

We found Elote's! Wyatt's favorite mexican treat! It was delish!!!

Morro Rock

Elephant Seal Beach

Friday night we thought it'd be fun to take the kids to their first drive in movie to see The Crood's. They loved it!

The famous Bubblegum Alley in SLO

Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo yummy!

The most gorgeous little park ever with spectacular views!

Our second day back to Morro Bay we had to get more fish n chips!

Crew tried Oysters for his first time and loved them!

BBQ Garlic butter Oysters

This place was insane!!

Crill's Salt Water Taffy. We probably ate 2 bags on our trip!

Montana De Oro State Park

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