Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Welcome baby Liv

Liv Harper Ferguson was born on March 12, 2013. 
Since Wyatt was out of town when Nicole went into labor my sweet friend Heather offered to come over and play the "mom" role for the morning. I left my house at 3:20 am and got to Hoag hospital in Newport around 4am. Lisa, Tori and I waited in the waiting room for a few hours so Nicole could get some rest before it was go time. Around 6am we headed to McDonald's for some breakfast and shortly after we got back to the hospital my parents made it from Arizona to join the party. At 9:49am Liv was born and Nicole did an amazing job! It's such a special time being in the delivery room with my sisters when they give birth to their children. We make it such a fun day for everyone. I'm so grateful I have such amazing sisters that are all my best friends! Welcome to the family Liv!!! We love you so much already!

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  1. Precious!! She is so cute in that pink bag too!!!