Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

Scarlett and the boys

Courtney and I in front of her cute little Balboa home
riding the water auto ferry over to Balboa Island

Daddy and Navy

the kids thought the ferry was so cool!

Navy loved seeing all the sailboats and yachts

Balboa bars for everyone!

even Navy Lou loved it!

Lyla & Navy reading books during the Superbowl
Sunday morning we decided to head down to Newport Beach to see some friends and play on Balboa Island.
We first went to Taco Mesa for some lunch in Costa Mesa. It was delish! Then we went to my friend, Courtney's house on Balboa and hung out with her and her cute family for awhile to catch up. The kids played while we talked and were envious of their cute little house pretty much right on the beach. 
Then it was off to Balboa Island. We drove our car onto the water ferry and the kids absolutely loved it! They couldn't believe our car could go on a boat in the water. Crew kept telling me, "this is the best day ever!" Of course we had to get balboa bars and we walked around and window shopped at all the cute little quaint shops. 
After our fun on Balboa Island, we headed south to San Clemente to spend the Superbowl at my sister Nicole's house. It was a fun day!

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  1. So fun to see you and your cute family. Isn't it funny how our kids just clicked?! Within two minutes Scar had her head on little Crew's shoulder. Guess it's not surprising, we were like instantly BFF's back in the day :-)