Monday, February 4, 2013

100th Day of Kindergarten

Crew sporting his 100th day of Kindergarten hat

eating their "100" snacks they put together in their own little baggies

Navy came to party with Crew too!
It was Crew's 100th day of Kindergarten celebration on February 4 and I had to privilege of helping in his classroom that morning. I was assigned to help with the hat making. 
Each child had to place 10 dots on each strip on their hat and cut out and decorate their 100 for the front of the hat. 
It was great being in Crew's classroom and getting to know each one of the kids a little bit better and seeing Crew in his element. Later that day Navy and I left to pick up Crew and went a little early so we could see them march in their 100 day parade. So cute! 
I'm so thankful that Crew got seriously the best Kindergarten teacher. (she was named the best teacher in the PUSD) She always goes above and beyond with her children and I love her for that!

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