Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Magic Castle

One of Wyatt's dreams was to come here someday...he secretly is a magician! (I bet you didn't know that?!)

Matt & Niki

This is the secret door that lets you inside. You have to tell the owl the magic word and then it opens for you.
 Our friends Matt & Niki invited us to attend The Magic Castle with them. Getting into the Magic Castle is by invite only and has been on our bucket list of things to do before we leave LA. So we were so excited when we got the invite. We walked around the castle, ate dinner and watched a magic show that starred some crazy Japanese magicians. It was entertaining and hilarious! After the show we walked around some more and gave some requests to Irma (a ghost that will play anything you tell her to) on the Piano. This was such a fun night that we will never forget. Thanks for the invite Matt and Niki!!

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