Saturday, January 28, 2012

Navy's first week home

Hudson loves holding baby Navy

Crew is such a good big brother to his sister

Mimi and Papa with their 18th grandchild. Navy already knows how much these two love her.

Jane and Lyla are excited to have a new baby girl cousin

cute cousin Tate.

Uncle Jo-Jo caught Navy's first smile :)

Navy's first outing all dressed up for her doctor appointment

Navy is our little angel. We love having her around and she is the best little girl. She already is on a great schedule feeding every three hours and only wakes her mommy up once around 4am for a nightly feeding. I love the newborn stage and am trying to soak up every minute with her. She has already outgrown some of her outfits and at her first doctor appointment she weighed 6.11 lbs. Navy is truly a blessing for our little family.

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