Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introducing: Navy Estelle Dannels

My wonderful support. My sisters Tori, Nicole and Lisa were all there to see little Navy born

Navy came out with the cord wrapped around her neck twice. So scary...she was so blue. So here she is getting some help with some oxygen

one proud daddy.

Navy has the most hair and the darkest out of all my kids

Face timing was the best. My parents got to see the whole birth on face time and right after Navy was born we face timed with Crew and Hudson.

Aunt Lisa loving her newest niece.

so excited for our little girl to join our family...

Crew's first time seeing his little sister. He was beyond excited!

Hudson was super shy and quiet when he first saw his sister...he warmed up a bit right before he left the hospital.

One proud BIG brother

Our family of five

All dressed up and ready to go home

Navy Estelle Dannels
January 12, 2012
7:02 am
6.8 lbs. 19 inches
My labor story:

On Wednesday around 2pm I started having contractions, some strong, some not so strong. I took a nap to get my mind off of things and woke up about 4:30 and noticed that they were now getting stronger and closer together. I called Wyatt since he was at school to give him a heads up that it might be time. I then called my friend to see if she could take my boys and hurried and packed up everyone's bags, loaded up the car and headed out. My contractions at this point were every 2 minutes and fairly strong. Wyatt met me at my friends and drove us down to the Kaiser Hospital off of Sunset in Hollywood. 

We got there in about 20 minutes with Wyatt's crazy driving and I immediately got wheeled up to the Labor and Delivery floor and checked in. I was dilated to a 3 (I was just a 1 on Monday) and still have regular, strong contractions. They admitted me and as soon as I got in my room I asked for my epidural. They wanted to see how I would progress with out breaking my water or without giving me Pitocin so not until 2am did they break my water. And at 3:30am they finally got me started on Pitocin. I was progressing but not as fast as I would have liked to. I tried to get as much sleep in as I could and then about 6:50 I felt tons of pressure and knew that it was baby time. So I called the nurse in and she called in my doctor and sure enough she was right there. They had to tell me "not" to push yet b/c they still had to get all scrubbed up and all the equipment ready. A few minutes later I pushed through one contraction and then they told me to stop b/c they noticed that poor little Bentley had the cord wrapped around her neck twice. They quickly cut the cord as soon as they could and I had to one more little push and she was here. She wasn't crying though and was completely blue. Tears were rolling down my face and I was so scared especially when they called some "code" on her and all these other doctors and nurses came running in our room. About 40 seconds later (It seemed like an eternity to me) I finally heard Navy cry for the first time. I was so relieved. Soon after I finally held her in my arms.

She is just the sweetest little thing and I think she looks a lot like me. I don't really see much of Crew or Hudson in her at all. We are all so in love and are loving having a little princess in our home.

**My little sister and I were due on the same day, January 24, and my sister went into the hospital the same time as me (she lives in Utah) and had her little girl, Norah Marie, on January 11 at 9:03pm  making her and Navy only 10 hours apart. I am so excited for these two girls to grow up together.


  1. These pictures gave me chills! She is so perfect and I think she looks like you too. You look way to good to have just had a baby! I'm so HAPPY for you! can't wait to meet her in Feb.


  2. Love the one of Crew looking at his little sis, already being the protective brother. And how cool about your sister! that will be so fun. And I am jealous of anyone that goes early! Hopefully this baby wont keep me waiting a week after its due date, like Beck. Well, glad to hear everyone is doing well. You look beautiful and I would love to see that sweet little angel. Let me know when you are up for visitors.

  3. Why am I crying????

    She's beautiful, Jenny! Congrats!

  4. Congrats Jenny - she is such a doll and I love her name!

  5. Congratulations! Cant wait to meet her!

  6. Love this & Love Bentley!!! You must have had a really good photographer. The pictures are amazing...ha!


  7. Congratulations! She is so beautiful! We need to catch up soon, I wanted to call you today, but can't find my phone! Hope life isn't too crazy with three kiddies. Bentley is seriously a doll!

  8. She is perffect! i am so happy that after two cute boys you got your little girl!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS Dannels family! She is beyond beautiful. I'm so thrilled for you and your boys Jenny. I would *love* to send a gift. Please email me your mailing address!!! x0x0

  10. She is so sweet Jenny! That is so scary that the cord was around her neck, I would have been freaking out!! Anyway, you look so good, what a cute little family you have! We miss you guys tons! Love ya!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS, JENNY!!!! She is so precious!! You look great, too!! What an adorable family of five!!