Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Grabbing a quick bite to eat at Varsity's (the world's largest drive in)

The best "homemade" Chicken Pot Pie from the Murietta Diner

Tori and I in front of the Roswell Plantation

Sisters in front of the Atlanta, GA temple

Nicole and I in front of Ushers House

Fat Matt's Rib Shack=yummy, cheap BBQ!!

Our nice Rental Car

Lisa, me, Nicole, Rick and Tori in front of Martin Luther King Jr.'s house

My brother and I with Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife's grave

Outside the Coca-cola Museum

On the "American Idol" couch

In the "taste" room inside Coca-cola

Found 1996 Olympian "Jenny Thompson's" name

Rick's favorite drink "Inca Kola" from his mission in Equador

My brother Rick and 3 of my 4 sisters, Lisa, Nicole, Tori and I flew out to Atlanta to be on the game show "Family Feud." We had such a blast and it was definitely an experience we will all never forget. When we weren't playing the feud we were driving around checking out beautiful Georgia. We also ate at some yummy restaurants (my favorite food from the south were the fried pickles!), toured the Coca-Cola museum, visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s house/grave, checked out Turner field, saw the Olympic torch and found some beautiful houses we all want to move into....thanks to my wonderful brother and sisters for making this such a fun memorable trip! I love you guys! We missed you Jess....


  1. My dad thrives off of Inca Kola. He used to pack them into my lunches as a kid and other kids thought it was beer. Fun trip.

  2. oops, that last comment was from me Ligia.

  3. I didn't even know you had a brother.