Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 5 years!!!!

Best 5 years of my life....Jenny and I celebrated our 5th anniversary apart this year... she went to Arizona and left me home to study. I made this little video of some of our past experiences.. from dating to having children to taking little trips. It was hard to choose from the thousands of pictures we have. Love you Jen and even though we are married I still want you to marry me...
Love you tons,


  1. Way to go Wyatt. Great job!!! Congrats

  2. So sweet Wyatt! You are a great guy! Xoxo

  3. congrats guys! We're almost to 5 years... one more month! thats so weird to think about! love you guys

  4. Great job! You guys are awesome! We seriously keep talking about how much fun we had at your house! :)