Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Crave it!


I decided to start a new blog thanks to my sister in law Randee's inspiration. My new blog is called "Just Crave it!" and is all about my favorite products, good ideas/inventions and some household organizing tips. Randee says that I always have the best products and wanted me to share them with all of you. So I hope you will grab a button, become a follower and give me some feedback on Just Crave it! Be thinking of some of your favorite products too because I would love to have some guest bloggers. I hope you enjoy!!


  1. Love this! You do know about absolutely EVERYTHING! This is fantastic! I think you should do a post about how not to waste money on a bugaboo stroller, just to do the Graco and the "snap and go" for a new baby. You seriously saved me with that one! I added a button and I will add you to my "good reads section."

  2. i love it too!!! you are always my go-to girl when i need some fun/cool/handy ideas!! and you do need to have a new baby soon (not only because crew wants one :) so you can put all of your amazing baby product knowledge too!