Friday, January 21, 2011

Quotes by Crew...

Yesterday while driving to school Crew says to me, "Mom, I don't want to get fat!"
Me: "Well just eat healthy food and you won't get fat."
Crew: "Ok, I am going to have a salad for lunch at school today then."


Crew: "Mom are there 2 pack n plays at the BeachHouse for our baby sister?"
Me: "They are just here for any other babies that need to sleep or take naps while they are here."
Crew: "Well its perfect that it's right next to your bed so baby sister can sleep there when she comes and be right by you."
Me: "Yes it is Crew."
Crew: "Mom, when our baby sister comes where are we all going to sit?"
Me: "You mean sit in the car?"
Crew: "Yes."
Me: "Hudson and the baby will sit in the middle and you will sit in the back"
Crew: "Oh that's cool."
{NO...I am not pregnant and am not even thinking about it yet. But Crew sure thinks that I should be and is very set on having a baby sister. Just yesterday he said, "Mom can we please have our baby sister tomorrow?"}


Crew: "Mom, I don't want to die."
Mom: "Crew, you aren't going to die until you are really old."
Crew: "Well then I don't want to get old. I don't ever want to get old like Grandpa!"


  1. Kids say the best things sometimes. So cute. Orion always says "Hinckley is my best friend." He said that even before we had him. And he's always taking care of his little brother now. I think young children remember their siblings from before this life. Sounds like it's time for that sister. :P

  2. Oh, that last comment was me, Ligia. Oops.