Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Crew and Daddy eating their yummy pancakes.

Wyatt had lots of help blowing out his candles.

kisses for daddy.

Crew tried taking a picture of us & this is the best we got...

On December 7th we celebrated Wyatt's 29th Birthday. We woke up and made him some yummy homemade pancakes with buttermilk syrup and then he was off to school to take a final. Later that afternoon we sang him "happy birthday", ate his favorite cake {yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting} and then opened presents. Wyatt told me that he thinks this year was his best birthday yet. Yay! We love you Wyatt!

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  1. Happy Late Birthday! I love how you do special birthday pancakes, I'm sure you guys had a great day!