Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nana and Papa take on California!

Nana and Papa came to visit us for a few days in California. The boys love when we have visitors and enjoy getting especially spoiled by Nana and Papa D. I tried my hardest to keep all of us busy while they were in town so no one would get too bored. We spent a whole day at Disneyland and walked and walked until Nana and Papa D. couldn't walk anymore. Crew and Hudson enjoyed showing them around Disneyland and riding all their favorite rides with them. Since Crew is now 40" tall he was able to go on Soarin' over California, Tower of Terror and Thunder Mountain for his first time. He loved all of them and thinks he is just the biggest kid now. Mabel and I also went to the Fabric District in downtown LA so she could stock up on some fabric for more sewing projects. And of course we took Mabel and Danny out to a few of our favorite restaurants here...Dominico's and the Oinkster. We had a fabulous time with Nana and Papa D. Thanks so much for coming out to visit and spending time with the boys. I know they love you both very much and we can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with the family.


  1. You are always having the BEST time with family and friends. I'm jealous!!!

  2. Cute pictures Jenny! I'm in love with your hair!