Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jessica and Lucy's visit & Trey's Baptism

Hudson, Lucy and Crew getting cozy in my bed watching Cars

the 3 Musketeers...Jack, Crew and Max

All the "BIG" cousins decided they want the medium speed ponies

Mommy and Huddie before the pony ride

Tater bug




Some "arts and crafts" time before dinner

At Cafe Rio (I know this is blurry but think it's the cutest)

the Bagel Shack in San Clemente Saturday Morning

Huddie, Lucy and Crew with their favorite Mimi

Most of the cousins at Trey's Baptism

Crew, Trey and Hudson

The Mathis Family

Trey with his "favorite" Aunt JJ

the Dannels with the newest member of the Church...
My sister Jessica and her adorable little girl Lucy who are from Utah, came to visit all of us in southern California for a few days. She stayed with me for the first two days and then we went and stayed at the BeachHouse with her and my parents for a few days as well. We had so much fun shopping for family picture outfits, eating at some yummy restaurants and treating ourselves to 21 Choices. On of the days Jessica was up here two of my other sisters came up to my house and we let the kids play, had a yummy lunch at Oinkster and took the kiddos to Griffith Park to ride to ponies and play at the park. We had a great day despite all of the people in line staring at us at Oinkster wondering what we are doing out with 8 kids. On Friday we went down to the BeachHouse and on our way met the Tori, Joe, Max and Tate at Cafe Rio for some dinner and then went to their house to let all the kids play for a few hours. While we were down south we also had some yummy breakfast at the Bagel Shack and walked along Del Mar St. in downtown San Clemente. Saturday we all drove down to San Diego for Trey's Baptism and then to Lisa and Ty's house for a yummy dinner after. Crew and Hudson had such a fun weekend with all of their cousins. They look up to every single one of them so much. I am really proud of Trey and the decision he has made to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so happy that Crew and Hudson have such amazing cousins to look up to. I love my family so much and am so grateful to be so close to each and every single one of my family members. Family truly is what matters most! Thanks for coming Jessica and Lucy. We had so much fun!


  1. Loook's like a lot of fun.. My favorite picture is the one of Hud on the table and you can see his tattoo. Him and Kinlee are going to have so much fun this week.

  2. So cute!!! Trey looks like a Hobo in those pictures. His tie is down to his ankles, white shirt pulled down past her arm, and long hair. I guess all that matters is the baptism and not what he looked like. So embarrassing though.