Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pops & {Crew the Builder}

My Dad came up to our house to build some shelves in our garage a couple weeks ago. Crew was so excited that Papa brought all of his tools so he could help him build. Well the whole entire day Crew was out in the garage in 100 degree weather right along my dads side helping him with everything. It was the cutest thing...he looks up to his "Pops" as he calls him, so much. I know my dad had a blast with him helping. My Dad would measure something and say, "36 inches" and then you would hear Crew say, "36 inches." Thanks again Dad for all your help with everything. I LOVE my new shelves! I feel so organized. And sorry about your tool box being destroyed...


  1. Maybe one day Crew can build Papa D and Nana a custom home! He looks so intense I am glad your dad has him out there learning!