Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Halloween Party!

Storm and Wolverine

Isn't this so creative? S'Mores...


Loved them!

OctoMom won Best Costume...She looked fabulous!

Party girls.

These two killed me...don't they look great!

How creative!

Every year Wyatt and I talk about throwing a Halloween Party but never get around to it. This year was the year we decided to really go for it. And let me tell you it was such a blast! We had a couples costume party. It was so much fun seeing all of the creative costumes everyone came up with. At the party we had yummy soups, tons of desserts, played family feud, bobbed for apples, chatted, voted for best costume (Way to go Octomom!) and sang some karaoke. Thanks so much to Sachia, Kristie, Lauren and Laura for all your help with everything. I could not have done any of this with out you.


  1. SO FUN. Everything was so nicely decorated, and the treats were awesome. I can't believe this was your first Halloween party because you are Halloween party pros!!

  2. Thanks for throwing the BEST couples HaLlOwEeN party ever. Ty and I had so much fun! The food was fabulous...I loved all the different soups. We can't wait to see what you do next year, we will make this a tradition.

  3. Thanks again. LOVED all the decorations, food, people, and fun!

  4. i can't believe how awesome everyone's costumes were. you know how to throw a fun party. i'm impressed :)

  5. I really liked your costume. You sure went all out and the decorations look so cute!

  6. looks like you threw one fun party! i liked all the costumes :)

  7. That looked so fun. Love your creativity. And the Octomom was funny. What were the boys? This is Ligia btw.

  8. Wish we could have been there! Everything looks fabulous! You are always the hostess with the mostess :)

  9. That was a blast. Thanks for going all out and letting us all trash your house to have the funnest Halloween party ever. Not to mention you and the hubby looked pretty cute as Wolverine and Storm.