Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hudson is 6 months already...

It feels like just yesterday I had this little boy and now to think he is already 6 months old is crazy to me. Hudson is such a sweet little boy and always makes our family so happy with his big goofy smile. He currently weighs 18 lbs and is 29 inches long. Here is what Hudson is up to these days:

He is Rolling, Rolling & Rolling. If he sees something he wants he will find a way to get there.
He is Scooting. I am sure he will be off and crawling any day now.
He is still trying to master sitting up by himself. He is almost completely there.
He loves eating baby food. He finally likes it. He hated it at first but now he loves it.
He is cutting 2 teeth. One on the top front left and one on the bottom front right.
He is sleeping through the night. Goes down around 9:30pm and wakes up at 7:45am.
He shakes his head like he's saying, "no, no, no." It is hilarious!

We love you little Hud. You are the best little boy. We are so thankful you were sent to our family.


  1. Hey cute girl - Little Hudson is adorable! Oh and I hear your hubby is kicking butt out there in Mini. Congrats...and it's still possible we will be joining you!

  2. He gets cuter and cuter each day! He is a growing boy with a ton of tricks! How fun! I can't believe he is rolling all around and scooting! Camryn will not move for the life of her but was sitting up at 5 months! So crazy how different each baby is. What a good little sleeper too. Must be so nice. We are still struggling in that dept. One day she does next day she doesn't. 2 teeth huh? Wow! Good luck with that! Happy Half Birthday Hudson!

  3. Look at our adorable little Hudson. I love his beautiful eyes and smile. Yep, that's my boy! Love you and miss you all.

  4. Jenny, his grin is precious. I know I've said that tons already, but it truly is.

  5. He is such a beautiful child. Must take after his mommy!! Hope you are enjoying the chilly weather. Love our babies!!

  6. Hey welcome to the midwest! Sorry about the warm welcome of snow in April. Your boys are darling and growing so fast. Hudson 6 months! No way.

  7. CUTENESS! Grey can't wait to hit him upside the head :)

  8. I will be posting one like this before I know it. I just have to wait for her to get here! He has a great smile.